Muskoka Lakes Laser Cut Map


Laser cut map of the big lakes in Muskoka: Lake Joseph, Lake Rosseau, Lake Muskoka, and Skeleton Lake. The significant islands, bays, parks, beaches, and formations are noted on map. Trails and roads are marked as well. It’s hand painted and framed for hanging as soon as you get it home or to the cottage.

This can be personalized with different paint colours (white wash or natural oak stains) for the land areas as well as adding a property or location marker, or an alternative title.


Here’s our biggest map! It’s 28″x24″ (our other maps are 16″x20″) plus the frame. It’s a laser cut map of the big three Muskoka lakes: Lake Muskoka, Lake Joseph, and Lake Rosseau.

The map is produced on two layers – The bottom layer has water reference markers; the top layer is cut with the shoreline as the outline with roads and landmarks etched into the wood. Significant islands, bays, and formations are noted on map.

Hardy Lake Provincial Park is featured on the west side of Lake Muskoka.

It’s hand stained and framed for hanging as soon as you receive it.

This map can be customized:

  • Please indicated colour/tone preference in the comments when ordering. The choices are: natural or golden oak stain.
  • Personalization is available. The map title can be modified, a location marker can be added, or an inscription can be added.

Additional information


28" wide, 24" high


Wood, Oak Veneer


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